The Factory

HISTORY - Since 1976

Inspired by a strong sense of modernity and with a distinctly international business vision, our factory is a major Italian enterprise within the cabinetry manufacturing sector. With five plants in Italy totaling 121.000 sq.ft., and 250 employees creating 5.000 pieces per day, our cabinetry manufacturing capabilities are virtually limitless.



Comprising 2.2 million square feet, and employing more than 300 people, our manufacturing capabilities are vast.

• 2 assembled box lines
• 1 building for office furniture
• 1 building for kitchen and cabinets
• 1 building for metal works
• 1 building for PVC and PET
• 1 building for partition and glass millwork
• 1 building for components
• 1 hq building

• 5,000 box per day flat pack
• 1,000 assembled box per day
• 120,000 square feet of raw material processed (cut,
squared, drilled per day)
• 3 cutting line
• 4 edgebanding lines
• 3 drilling lines
• 3 flat pack lines


Our factory acquired the prestigious certificate that embodies all our specifications for quality, environment and safety. We contribute to the preservation of the environment and the Leed Certification Project through the use of recycled materials, recyclability of the product, and low VOC emissions.


Through a rigorous fulfillment of environmental protection rules, our factory has obtained the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015; Forest Stewardship Council ®, FSC ® CO23603 certificates (Ask for FSC certified products). Other two important certificates have been achieved on the matter of compliance with ethical and social regulations (human rights, worker rights, equal rights, protection of minors): SA8000 (Social Accountability) and OHSAS 8001:2007 (Health and safety management systems in the workplace).

- Certification UNI EN ISO 9001 2015 Icila
- Certification UNI EN ISO 9001 2015 I-Qnet
- Certification Iso 14001_20015 Icila
- Certification Iso 14001_20015 I-Qnet
- Certification BS Ohsas 18001 2007 Icila
- Certification BS Ohsas 18001 2007 I-Qnet
- Certification SA8000
- Certification FSC ®
- Certification of Excellence
- Certification Quality Premium Formaldeide (Melamine - PVC)
- Leed Credits