ALICIA LO, Founder + CEO

Alicia Lo gets it.  She understands precisely what it takes to start and grow a successful business – and she’s been doing it for most of her adult life.

When she founded Woodford Studio, she chose to base the new company on two core principals: provide clients with extremely high-quality product, and do whatever it takes to keep those clients happy.

S. Osborn Erickson, CEO at Emerald Fund describes this mantra perfectly.  He writes, “My company has been involved in thousands and thousands of kitchen remodeling projects. Never have I experienced such pleasure as seeing and using my own kitchen as designed by Alicia. She is not only a total professional, but is a joy to work with.  If you select her as your supplier, you will not be disappointed." 

Entrepreneurial, hard working, and honest, Alicia exhibits a complex skill-set that includes being highly creative, smart, disciplined, and passionate.  

When not managing projects, Alicia is busy raising her daughter, caring for her two dogs, modeling, Hula dancing, and spending meaningful time with friends.